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sparkle school

“I am a personal development junkie. I LOVE learning about how I can be the best version of ME! I’ve spent a LOT of time and money for personal development courses over the years. I’ve hired expensive business and personal coaches to help me. I’ve been in Mastermind groups. I’ve done it all.

Nothing that I’ve done before has been as helpful as Sparkle School. I love the exercises. I love the weekly phone calls. I love that I am able to move at my own pace, so I can’t get behind. I love the Sparkle School tribe! The magic of Sparkle School is that it teaches me how to find my own answers…but I don’t have to do it alone.

Alone, I get stuck, because I can’t see “my stuff” the way someone else can. We all see the world through “lenses” that have been crafted by our experiences. It’s impossible for me to remove those experiences and see the world with fresh eyes.

The weekly Sparkle School calls give me the benefit of hearing different people’s perspectives, through different lenses. It’s like having a best friend to talk to, who has my best interests at heart…it’s magical. I love this because to be who I’ve never been before, I have to do what I’ve never done before. If I want something to change, I have to shift. I have to change how I show up in every moment.

Because of Sparkle School, I’m showing up differently, and I’m creating different results in every area of my life. Sparkle School works. It’s not a quick fix. It’s a way of being fix. It’s an internal shift that is real, and lasting. ” – Janine Finney

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“When I found Sparkle School, I thought I knew exactly what I needed help with. I was so focused on my work that I hadn’t even considered that there could be any other area of my life that might shift. I also had no idea that we were about to have another baby! So many changes were in my near future, and this community was there, full of incredible support.

I am forever grateful for that invaluable gift! Today, it is part of me. It is part of my routine. It is a priority. Without it, I wouldn’t have the tools to go deeper and learn from all the beautiful lessons life gives us. We can experience life and go on, repeating some of the patterns that we don’t even realize are patterns. Or we can explore them and consciously choose a new way of being, finding our true purpose in all that we do.

The greatest gift that Sparkle School has given me is the confirmation to listen to my heart above all other voices. I’ve always followed my heart but never felt like it was okay to do so. Now I know that not only is it okay, it is imperative. It is the only way to truly live my life fully. ♥︎” – Lory Muirhead

Click here to learn more about Sparkle School and the Sparkle Experience

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